Antibacterial Antivirus LED Panel

Coronavirus that appeared at the end of 2019 swept the world in just a few months. The demand for sterilization lamps is also increasing rapidly due to the outbreak of the epidemic. Many customers order our sterilization and antivirus air circulation purification panel lights in large quantities.
EPluxx Sterilization and Antivirus Air Circulation Purification Panel Light:

1. The surface sprayed nano-material diffusion plate is used to effectively kill bacteria and viruses in the indoor air.

2. Embedded in the air purification filter containing activated carbon and nano antiviral materials, effectively filter the PM2.5 dust in the air, and eliminate harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, and ammonia

3. The lamp has a built-in fan, which sucks the contaminated air into the lamp for purification, and then discharges it into the room. Continuously circulate and purify indoor air.

EPluxx anti-bacterial and anti-virus germicidal air purifying lamp has three sterilization and anti-virus mechanisms (diffusion plate nano material, air purification filter and UV on the back of the lamp). It can be anti-bacterial and anti-virus in light and non-light, providing 24H protection.
In order to better meet the needs of customers, we have also launched several multifunctional antibacterial and antivirus panel lights.

1, The conventional model is upgraded to the second generation anti-bacterial and anti-viral air purification LED panel light

Further improve the performance of the lamp, re-customize the fan, the power of the fan is reduced from 25W to 10W, and the whole lamp is reduced from 65W to 50W. Significantly reduce power consumption and reduce later use costs.
Secondly, the fan and the lamp can be independently connected to the mains. When the fan is not needed, the fan can be turned off and the lamp can be turned on separately, or the fan and the lamp can be used at the same time.

2. New style adjustable color temperature anti-bacterial and anti-viral air purification LED panel light

3000K 4000K 5000K three-color dial code dimming, you can choose to adjust the color temperature of the lamp according to the use environment

3. The new 2.4G dimming color anti-bacterial and anti-virus air purification LED panel light

Equipped with 2.4G remote control. Freely choose the color temperature 3000K 4000K 5000K 6000K and adjust the brightness of the lamp. Full brightness-medium brightness-low brightness, simple and convenient operation.

4. UGR<19 anti-bacterial and anti-viral air purification LED panel light

Use high-quality anti-glare diffuser to reduce glare value and create a more comfortable lighting environment

5. UVC anti-bacterial and anti-viral air purification LED panel light

On the basis of our conventional antibacterial and antiviral air purification panel lights, there are 4 UVC lamps built in, and they are turned on alternately every hour. The effectiveness of UVC ultraviolet sterilization on COVID-19 has been verified by many third-party authoritative reports.

Efficient anti-bacterial and anti-virus, continuous circulation and purification of indoor air, and a variety of functions for free choice.

When the virus is rampant, let our panel lights give you better protection.