EPluxx Classroom LED Panel

Advantages of EPluxx's classroom eye-protecting LED panel lights:
1. High-efficiency and high-quality LED light source, LM-80 TM21 has low light attenuation, which reduces the cost of use and saves electricity and energy.
2. High-quality constant current non-flash control power supply to avoid the discomfort caused by stroboscopic
3. Eliminate blue light, reduce eye fatigue and avoid eye diseases,
4. Good glare control UGR<16; UGR<19, reduce light curtain reflection, protect eyesight, improve visual function and visibility
5. High color rendering index, CRI>90Ra, strong color reproduction ability, close to natural light, allowing teachers and students to distinguish colors clearly
6. The color temperature is controlled at 5000K, the light is natural and comfortable, not dazzling or dim, ensuring that students study in the most suitable lighting environment.
7. The average illuminance is above 500LX, the high-transmitting acrylic mask, the uniformity of the desktop illuminance is ≥0.7; it meets the requirements of the classroom lighting contrast, and protects the eyesight of teachers and students
8. No mercury, lead, UV and other harmful substances, safe, environmentally friendly and energy saving.