Air Purification LED Panel Light

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Total Power: 50W
LED Panel: 40W (465x465mm)
Light Efficiency: 100lm/W
Luminous Flux: 4000Lm
Frame Color: White
Input Voltage:  AC220-240V  or AC100-277V
Dimmension: 598*598*120mm
Color Temperature: 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6500K
Working Temperature: -20~50°C
Filter Screen HEPA 13
Power Factor:>0.9  Flicker Free
CRI: >80Ra
Dimmable:NA / 0-10V Dim / Dali Dim
UGR<23  or  <19
Noise Level:<40dB
Lifespan>50,000 hours
Warranty: 3 years
LGP Material: PMMA
N.W. :7.9kg
Certificates: CE RoHS SGS


1, EPluxx's UV disinfect LED Panel light is used LED innovative technology Nanometer material diffusion plate. It can effectively kill bacteria and eliminate virus.

2, EPluxx's Anti-bacterial and anti-viral air circulation purification LED panel light is built in centrifugal industrial fan, insert 2pcs air filter screen which contain nanomaterials and activated carbon

The HEPA 13 filter screen can effectively filter PM2.5, dust, purify harmful gases, and the fan continuously circulates the indoor air

4, EPluxx's air cleanser LED Panel light can antibiosis, antiviral, and effectively remove these virus, Including the SARS-Corona, H1N1, Escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, etc.

5. EPluxx's 
air circulation purification LED panel light can eliminating indoors Formaldehyde, Benzene, Toluene, Xylene, Ammonia, TVOC concentration, etc.

6, Three installation methods, suspension, embedding, ceiling surface mounted, easy installation.

7, Three kinds of antiseptic and antiviral mechanisms, (
Nanometer material diffusion plate; filter screen; UVA / UVC sterilization), offer you 24hours against bacteria and virus with/without light.

8, Through multiple antibacterial tests. The antibacterial rate was 99.99%.

9, It can not only provide lighting, but also provide you with a healthier and cleaner living environment.

10, EPluxx's air cleaning LED Panel light does not contain any dangerous substances. Nano materials passed many nontoxic tests. 

11, No flickering. No delay on start.

12, EPluxx can also produce Nano UVC LED Panel Light. 

SARS, Corona Virus removal rate 99.99%

Hepa H13 Air Intake Vent Filter Screen 

Working hours for filter screen
2160 hours 
Phenomenon at the expiration of working hoursFan power is turned off, Power supply of lighting system remains normal use LED indicator light shines.
Replacement of  filtersConforming to instructions for filter change on the cover.
Open the filter mask, insert new filter screen, and cover the mask.
Pressing RESET buttonPress the button on the left side of LED light for 4 seconds.
LED light is switched off, and circulatory system power restarts.
Timer recalculates until next change hour is due


4-layers structure

Lamp Structure


Three kinds of antiseptic and antiviral mechanisms:
Nanometer material diffusion plate; filter screen; UVA / UVC sterilization

Offer you 24H all-weather protection against bacteria and virus with/ without light.

Silver ion reacts with hydrogen sulfide ion in bacteria and inhibits its reproduction 

Produces superoxide free radicals and breaks down the bacteria 

Materials surface is with charges that pull the membranes of bacteria, cause rupture and bring bacteria to death 

Activated carbon effective adsorb and eliminate of harmful gases, deodorization

Internal fan constantly circulates and filters indoor air

Guangdong Microbiological Analysis and Testing Center Test Report

H1N1 removal rate 99.37%
E. coli removal rate 99.92%
Staphylococcus aureus removal rate 99.92%



SGS Test Report

H1N1 removal rate 99.99%
Candida albicans removal rate 90.9%
E. coli removal rate >99.99%
Staphylococcus aureus removal rate >99.99%
Pseudomonas aeruginosa removal rate 99.99%

 removal rate >80%

Nanomaterials FDA Test Report

H1N1 removal rate &ge;99.99%